Realty World Carolina Properties

Auction Services

Realty World Carolina Properties is a full service Real Estate firm. Our auction division allows us to offer auction services to our clients as an option to sell properties. We are licensed to auction personal property and real estate. As the leader in real estate transactions in our market, Realty World Carolina Properties is skilled in marketing and selling real estate. Selling property by auction gives our sellers a definitive sale date with little risk. Auction buyers are screened, pre-qualified, and are required to make an adequate deposit at the time of the auction sale. Inspections and title searches are performed prior to the auction date. Our guidance through the process results in a lower risk that the transaction will “fall out of contract”. Auction sales are ideal for sellers that need or want immediate funds, or for absentee owners (out of state). Auctions are well suited for heirs to settle an estate; allowing for an easy disbursement of funds in a timely manner. To see a sample Auction Agreement please circle here.

Auctions are beneficial to buyers as well. Through auction, buyers must be financially strong and able to purchase and close on a property in due time, auction buyers often purchase property at a considerable savings. Their “competition” so to speak is limited to buyers with the capacity to buy immediately. Realty World Carolina Properties does not exclude buyer’s agents. To find out more information on how a buyer’s agent can be compensated through our firm, please click here.